Tree and Shrub Care

Our Tree and Shrub program can be adjusted to fit your individual needs. With that said we usually recommend 3 applications during the harsh summer months, when insects and disease are most active.

Our brew of compost tea is specially formulated for your ornamental tree and shrubs. These benefits include but are not limited to

  • rigorous root development
  • healthy & vivid leaf tissue and blooms
  • increase disease & insect resistance

Lawn Tips


You'll know your mower needs a tune-up if you see white tissue sticking out of the leaf blades after you mow. A cut from a dull blade results in a nutrient deficiency that will wreak havoc with your growing lawn. Sharpen your mower blade twice a year We recommend mowing your Lawn at 3.5 inches. You will keep the soil shaded which keeps it moist and prevents weed seeds from growing.

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